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Saxon works collaboratively with directors, production designers, show runners, and producers to bring their vision to life and capture the essence of the project by creating a unique and compelling art piece in whatever medium that's necessary, whether digital or physical--painting, drawing, or mixed media. 


Feature film for Netflix

Dan Gilroy’s 2019 dark satire tells the story of a cynical and profiteering LA gallery scene, and the haunted art of a dead painter. As a child, Ventril Dease, suffered horrific parental abuse. In death, his works, painted with his own body fluids and pigment, infect nearby contemporary monstrosities. Pretentious installations, postmodern sculptures, and various other kitsch come to life and devour the primping movers & shakers who would profit off of Ventril’s pain… For the look, I took psychological cues from Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud, with a painterly style drawing on George Bellows, Eric Fischl, and Janet Fish.

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Television show for Paramount Plus

Created by showrunner Rodes Fishburne for Paramount Network, this supernatural family drama features a young female art prodigy, whose prophetic paintings hold the key to a dark secret in her small town.

This collection centered around a massive 60ft. x 20ft. mural that has become a landmark and tourist attraction in the fictional Bishop, Mississippi. Described as “The Sistine Ceiling of the south”, the mural is a kind of sacrilegious rebuke of the artist’s, Janus Forsythe’s, family and the surrounding Bible Belt culture.
I created a gothic surreal look by referencing William Blake, Hieronymus Bosch, Gustave Dore, and Odd Nerdrum.

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