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Saxon Brice is a multi-disciplinary artist, based in Los Angeles, working in oil painting, traditional draftsmanship, and digital art. He received his first drawing lessons from his grandfather, mid-century painter and UCLA professor, William Brice, as well as a deep appreciation for the breadth of art history and its traditions. After graduating from Parsons School of Design in 2010, Saxon worked assisting several major artists, Including Doug Aitken, Jesper Just, and Alex Israel, as well as producing original artwork for musical artists ranging from Katy Perry to Florence + The Machine. 


Brice went on to produce large bodies of work for film and TV, most notably the haunted paintings of Dan Gilroy's 2019 horror/satire, Velvet Buzzsaw, for Netflix. In 2021, he took a hiatus from Hollywood, and moved to Florence, Italy, to study classical techniques in the pursuit of marrying the past with the present, authentically, for the 21st century. 


After returning to Los Angeles, Brice’s current work consists of traditional portraiture, reminiscent of the high renaissance and mannerist painters, depicting contemporary characters of his own time. Additionally, he is developing large format, mixed-media drawings, evocative of Robert Longo and H.R. Giger, which depict various scenes of mythology, history and philosophy, familiar in the common unconscious. These classical icons and parables of human nature are inverted by imagistic themes of contemporary cultural malaise, and rapid technological change, re-contextualizing them as dark mirrors of our own time. These unsettling works act as a warning of what we risk losing in the mounting denial of our own nature, but also a reminder of what aspirational ideals human hands can still strive for… The True, and The Beautiful.

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